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Giving life hope and a new trajectory

Noticed Powerful shift in the energy flow within the body. Help to heal disease and elevate the energy level. After 3+ yrs of sleepless nights and expensive treatments, all hopes were lost. But Daxa’s powerful lessons were life changing in helping to remove blockages and heal the body and mind. It’s highly recommended and rewarding to attend her sessions.

Amazing reiki healer and teacher

I had a healing session with Daxa which immediately left me feeling renewed and balanced.
I also attended 2 reiki classes from her and it was a game changer for me. Her expertise and guidance made reiki not only educational but deeply enriching. I left the class feeling empowered and excited to incorporate reiki into my daily life. Highly recommend taking the class and a reiki session with Daxa!


Daxa is an excellent healer. Her calming, non judgemental demeanor is therapeutic in it's own right, as is her ability to make you feel heard. That by itself is amazing, but then there's actual work she does, which takes the whole experience to a whole other level. She has the experience, ability, and exudes the confidence you need to feel safe surrendering to the process, which helps to maximize your benefits of her sessions. 100/10 would definitely recommend.

Online order and international delivery

I received my first mist as a gift and noticed the positive effects as soon as I finished the spray. Its calming and balancing effect was so real! I ordered online 3 new ones and the service was exceptional! Immediate response, fast shipping and personal follow up from K&D. They even included a gift in the package! Those scents are pure, healing and will definitely bring peace and harmony to your environment

The Power of Healing
Samara Ahmed
Love and gratitude!!!

It has taken me a long time to write this heartfelt review but the time is now. Daxa is an Angel, she has a pure soul and a kind, loving nature. For anyone going through any hurdles in life... reach out to Daxa! It will be the start of an amazing journey. From healing my once broken heart(which is now whole and complete) to becoming a Certified Reiki practitioner~ which i just completed through her is all thanks to Daxa.

The Power of Healing
Meghan McStravick

I would recommend Daxa to all my family and friends


LOVE LOVE LOVE the products! Especially the Reiki mist! Was super excited to have discovered this and even more excited to use it daily -- actually several times a day. Anytime I need a "boost" or a "pick me up" I use it. And I love the way it smells --- makes me feel like I'm in the forest, connected to nature. Best product I've discovered in a long time! Thank you for infusing this with your beautiful Reiki energy!

The Power of Healing
Oksana Chych
An Angelica aura

Daxa has such a pure and angelic aura about her, she truly is a pure vessel of unconditional love. Receiving reiki sessions from her have helped me navigate through some very burdensome challenges in my life. I also completed my reiki practitioner certificate with her and it was the best decision ever. Thank-you Daxa for being a light of truth and love in this world.

The Power of Healing
Shannon Marra
Best of its kind

Reiki Mist is the best of its kind. I am trying the sleep spray for the first.

The Power of Healing
Cristina Tat
A world of positivity

I was referred to Daxa by a family friend and I am so grateful for it. It has helped me immensely and has opened a whole world of positivity and peace that nobody and nothing else could before.

The Power of Healing
Chereen Connally
I'm so grateful

Daxa is wonderful Reiki teacher- I am so grateful that she is my master. She is so knowledge, thoughtful and kind. I highly recommend her!

The Power of Healing
Comprehensive yet easy to understand

The teaching techniques are comprehensive yet easy to understand and Daxa is exuding poise and compassion in every gesture and this makes the sessions more relaxing and soothing.

The Power of Healing
Martha Forest
Kind and caring

Daxa is an amazing reiki master/teacher. I got my certifications through The Power of Healing over two years ago, and it has been a true blessing for me, learning from such a kind, knowledgeable and caring reiki master. Daxa was patient with everyone in our small class and made sure that all the work was understood by all and applied correctly. I recommend Daxa wholeheartedly to anyone who is interested in learning reiki from start to finish, or, for any refresher courses. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Power of Healing
Gayatri Nayak
Amazing experience

Crystal Healing Workshop with Daxa was an amazing experience. Looking forward to attending more workshops with Daxa at The Power of Healing.


Daxa is a truly gifted healer and teacher. Her natural gifts coupled with many years of experience is clearly evident in her work. Her range of offerings is impressive. I love Daxa's classes. I have completed Reiki level 1&2, and Manifesting. Each class was a remarkable experience, from her presence, to her teaching, to her soul. I highly recommend working with her in whatever offering you are drawn to. Your body, mind and soul will thank you!

The Power of Healing
Teodora Nicolita
A blessing

It was a blessing that I met Daxa at the right moment in my life. She is such an amazing person, healer and teacher and I would highly recommend her services to anyone. From reiki sessions to workshops, it is a lot to discover and I was impressed with the changes in my life. I recently had the opportunity to take her Manifesting Your Dreams workshop and what a beautiful experience it was! Once you had a chance to meet Daxa, you will want to come back and learn more about the healing process and the benefits of reiki.

The Power of Healing
Joanne Alvarez
Thank you!

Daxa is a ray of light who has guided me on a new self-discovery through life coaching sessions, self-healing through Reiki and her amazing manifestation woskhop. Her passion and energy shines through in her teachings that will truly enlighten your mind, body and spirit to think with abundance. I have found a new perspective in the meaning of positivity and life that will awaken you. Her help has made a remarkable change in my life and truly marks a milestone. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙏🏼 thank you Daxa and thank you Universe!

The Power of Healing
Khuyen (Quinn) Tran

I highly recommend Daxa as Reiki Master to anyone who is searching to learn Reiki. Daxa is very calm, caring, spiritual, and connected to the universe. She is able to understand each one of her student and able to pass her Reiki knowledge to each one of us as we needed on our pace. After her Reiki 1 & 2 coarse, most of us from the class, including myself, had experienced a change in our energy, life...Thank you Daxa for the lovely classes <3

Highlight of the year

Daxa's Level 1 and 2 Reiki classes were the highlight of the year for me. She gave me the gift of peace, bliss and a toolbox for life. Daxa herself is encouraging, empowering, and infinitely generous in every way that it is possible to be so. I feel very privileged to know her and look forward to more of her classes :)))

The Power of Healing
Anna Fernandes

Working with Daxa is transformational. From her one-on-one sessions, to the group workshops, she is exceptional in her approach, which helps you feel balanced, empowered and ready to live life to the fullest.


I’m so grateful to Daxa for such a beautiful lifetime gift - REIKI. It helped me to follow my instincts about life and helping people. REIKI classes were really informative and helpful. My Reiki session as a client with Daxa was really beneficial. I also enrolled for myself for the Reiki course and being her student was a wonderful journey throughout and beyond the course. I will surely recommend Daxa for Healing sessions.

The Power of Healing
Arezou Ahmadi
My husband loves it!

I tried Reiki Mist. Amazing experience with this powerful Reiki Energy specially during Pandemic make me so calm and relax. My husband love it, almost spray home every single day ♥️

The Power of Healing
Brenda Dzalto
We love it!

5 years ago while shopping at Whole Foods Mississauga, i came across by chance , a bottle of Reiki Mist that I thought I would give a try. Instead of burning incense, Paolo Santo or sage for energy clearing , I thought why not try this new spray.. Since then my friends and family, work colleagues and I have gone through so many bottles to count . We absolutely love it !! We noticed our Clients were commenting how great it felt in our businesses and asked what it was, and if we sold it in store. It became a favourite and a must have. Especially after seeing the results we were having . We felt it brought us much success.There is a lightness in the air and makes you feel great while clearing any stagnant energy immediately . When I discovered that Power of Healing Reiki Mist was made in Mississauga .I had to call to let them know how amazing their product is , and how many bottles we went through over the years. It was such a pleasure Speaking and meeting Daxa as I discovered they offer so many other wonderful products and services I can’t wait to try. You can purchase Reiki Mist on line through power of healing or at whole foods . You have to try it , for your home , but especially in your business !!! We love it !!

The Power of Healing
Monique Giroux
I’m so grateful to have met daxa

Daxa is a knowledgeable and gentle guide as a coach, reiki teacher and healer. Her meditations are relaxing and very grounding—guiding you to new depths. She is reliable, organized (which I really appreciate!) and dependable. Once you begin to work with Daxa, you become a part of her circle of care staying connected and offering many opportunities to practice reiki with others, join free meditations and support global healing events. I am so grateful to have met Daxa.


I took Daxa's Reiki level 1 and 2 and had such an amazing experience! There is so much wisdom and knowledge shared in each level and so much spiritual expansion that occurs over a short period of time. I'm excited to continue practicing reiki in my everyday life with all the ways shared during this course. Highly recommend, Daxa is such a thoughtful teacher!